Update Your Billing Address

When a Scheduled Order fails to process due to the payment being declined for an Address or AVS issue, you will need to update your billing address for your payment method.

It is important to note that while you can update your billing address in My Account > Addresses, this update alone does not change the billing address that is applied to your existing saved payment method(s).


What Happens When A Customer Updates their Billing Address in My Account?

When you update your billing address in My Account > Addresses, the new billing address will update your default billing address. This new default billing address will be used for new orders created at checkout, for newly created Scheduled Orders, and also apply to any newly added saved payment methods.

How to Update your Billing Address for your Saved Payment Method and Scheduled Order

The following steps explain and illustrate how you can update your billing address in My Account > Addresses, add a new saved payment method, and then apply your new payment method to your Scheduled Order(s).


Step 1: Update Your Billing Address in My Account

1) You can update your billing address in My Account > Addresses. 

2) Once the changes are made, make sure to select “Save Address” to save the changes. 

3) To update existing payment methods with the new billing address see step 2 below.


Step 2: Add A New Saved Payment Method (That Will Use Your Updated Billing Address)

1) In order to apply the billing address to your saved payment method (and therefore Scheduled Orders), a new payment method must be added. 

2) The old payment method (with the old billing address) should be deleted from My Account > Payment Methods.

3) A new payment method can then be created (even if it’s the same card information). This new payment method will use the billing address saved in step 1. 


Step 3: Update Your Scheduled Order to Use Your New Payment Method

1) Once added, there will be an option to apply this payment method to existing Scheduled Orders. Select this option to update Scheduled Orders and the saved payment methods used for them.

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