Important Product Information


DO NOT USE Mounting Backplates - Please watch this video!

Additional specified hardware screws included.If mounting, please use this specified hardware.

For Exo/Exo Mini products, remove anddisregard backplate prior to mounting andhang directly to wall using screws we provide.

DO NOT use sticky tape to mount device on thewall. Please use additional specified hardware.


Diffuse isopropyl alcohol through yoursystem for a few minutes once a month and/OR prior to using a different fragrance.

Do not to mix the alcohol with fragrance.

Do not rinse bottle with water.


Download the Phoenicia Essence App from the Apple Store or Google Play

Default password for app is 8888Please watch this video to get started.


Batteries are not included.

NOTE: batteries must be changed every 3-4months depending on hours of operation”