Troubleshooting & Maintaining Your Device

Check Your Power Source

Please double-check to make sure the power cord is plugged into an outlet. If you have an EXO unit, please ensure the batteries have been installed correctly or that they are not low.

Clean Your Diffuser

Make sure to run isopropyl alcohol every month or the lines will become clogged. It cannot spray as much or as long if the lines are clogged.

Every 30 days, and especially when transitioning between different fragrances, it's important to perform alcohol solution maintenance. We provide an empty bottle that you should fill halfway with isopropyl alcohol, readily available at any drugstore or supermarket.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Remove the old fragrance bottle, rinse it with alcohol, and dispose of the alcohol content.
  2. Screw the alcohol-filled bottle onto the unit's head.
  3. Set the unit to level 10 and allow it to run for 2 minutes. This will clean the lines and prevent compressor clogs.
  4. This simple step will help ensure a long lifespan for your unit.

Don't forget to turn the intensity level down to 1 when refilling the bottle with your new fragrance.

Do not mix the alcohol with fragrance.

Do not rinse the bottle with water.

Check if You're Running Low on Fragrance

The unit should maintain at least a 20% level of fragrance for the compressor to pump. If it goes too low you can burn up the compressor.