Why we don't offer phone support

We offer online support via email and support ticket. Our staff responds within 48 hours.

Our customer support team members are real, friendly humans. We like addressing your concerns, finding solutions to issues, and serving all of your fragrance requirements.

We don't provide phone support because we firmly believe that it would be impossible to give the same kind of helpful assistance over the phone. We keep our support online for a few reasons:

  • To properly troubleshoot, we may rapidly access information such as account activity, order numbers, previous transactions, and other details.
  • We frequently ask you to send us screenshots, videos, or other information that can help us diagnose issues with diffusers, fragrances, or other services we offer. We can also send you screenshots and videos to guide you in the right direction.
  • It's faster. We are a small e-commerce businesses with a small team. Email allows us to quickly get to the bottom of your questions without putting you on hold.
  • Detailed records are kept in one location. In the event that we need to escalate your issue, this guarantees that nothing is lost in translation. You won't need to ask the same questions again because we will always have access to past tickets and emails.

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